A Shopper's Guide to Jewelry for Christmas

Christmas shopping for jewelry brings the joy of finding that perfect piece that combines everyday luxe with a personal touch. It’s time to consider the unique charm of lab-grown diamonds from Lightbox Jewelry. These exquisite pieces blend contemporary sophistication with personal flair, offering a distinct and stylish choice for the festive season. Our lab-grown diamonds, crafted with precision and care, are designed to complement any fashion statement, ensuring a gift that's as memorable as beautiful. With a range of necklaces, earrings, and more, Lightbox Jewelry provides an array of options to suit every taste, making your gift-giving experience both enjoyable and effortlessly chic.

Lab-Grown Diamond Necklaces and Pendants

When choosing the perfect Christmas gift, lab-grown diamond necklaces and pendants offer an everyday extravagance that elevates even the most casual outfit. The true charm of these necklaces and pendants lies in their centerpiece: the lab-grown diamond. Beyond being an elegant piece of fashion jewelry, these pendants make a memorable gift that speaks volumes about your refined taste and attention to quality. With lab-grown diamonds, these fashion-forward keepsakes come at accessible price points, making them an ideal addition to your loved one's collection.

Featured Items:

Lab-Grown Diamond Trillion Pendant

What Sets It Apart: This pendant showcases a quarter-carat trillion-cut lab-grown diamond, a unique shape that gives a contemporary edge to the timeless appeal of diamond necklaces. The trillion-cut is triangular, with three equal sides, making it a striking choice for anyone looking to defy the ordinary. After all, what are lab-grown diamonds if not an opportunity to make a statement? Available in 14k white or yellow gold, this pendant effortlessly complements any attire, whether worn alone or layered with other pieces.

Lab-Grown Diamond Solitaire Bale Pendant

What Sets It Apart: This two-carat lab-grown diamond solitaire bale pendant is a piece of everyday extravagance that adds a touch of glam to any outfit. The bale, a small loop at the top of the pendant, allows the piece to hang symmetrically and grants it a smooth range of motion. This ensures the pendant captures and reflects light, enhancing its overall appearance. Set in 14k gold, the pendant offers versatility in how it can be worn, suitable for either a choker-style or a longer, layered look.

Lab-Grown Diamond Earrings and Studs

When selecting the perfect Christmas gift, lab-grown diamond earrings and studs offer an elevated everyday elegance that can take any outfit from ordinary to extraordinary. The allure of these earrings lies not just in the lab-grown diamonds themselves but also in the array of styles available, from line drop to halo designs. These earrings are more than just fashion jewelry; they're fashion-forward keepsakes that add an extra layer of sophistication to any ensemble. The accessible price points of these lab-grown diamonds make them an exceptional gift choice for your loved one's jewelry collection.

Featured Items:

Lab-Grown Diamond Line Drop Earrings

What Sets Them Apart: These line drop earrings showcase multiple ⅐-carat round brilliant-cut lab-grown diamonds, offering an effortlessly chic alternative to traditional stud earrings. The diamonds are presented in a line that hangs closely to the ear, adding subtle movement and modern flair to this piece. Made with 14k gold, these earrings can seamlessly transition from daytime casual to evening sophistication, making them a versatile choice for any wardrobe. For those who prefer something a bit more elaborate, a 1½ carat version is also available, featuring five diamonds instead of three. This option will hang lower and offer more dynamic movement, amplifying the earrings' contemporary appeal.

Lab-Grown Diamond Halo Earrings

What Sets Them Apart: These halo earrings boast a ⁸⁄₉-carat central lab-grown diamond encircled by a halo of pavê lab-grown diamonds, elevating their radiance and eye-catching appeal. The halo design, a radiant configuration where smaller stones surround a central stone, distinguishes these earrings from traditional studs. This design is particularly popular for special occasions due to its intricate and dazzling appearance. These earrings are also available in classic white as well as our signature lab-grown blue and pink diamond colors, offering further versatility to suit individual tastes. Fashioned in 14k gold, these earrings deliver an elevated touch of everyday extravagance that easily complements any attire. 

Lab-Grown Diamond Ear Jacket Earrings

If you're looking for a gift that offers both style and versatility, consider lab-grown diamond ear jacket earrings. These unique pieces are designed to complement existing stud earrings, allowing your loved one to create entirely new looks without buying a new set. Ear jackets can be slipped onto a stud earring post either in front of or behind the earlobe, adding a decorative element that transforms the earring's appearance. They make a fantastic Christmas gift because they provide endless style options and are a simple way to upgrade someone's existing earring collection.

Featured Items:

Lab-Grown Diamond Double Drop Ear Jacket Earrings

What Sets Them Apart: These ear jackets feature a 1½-carat total weight of round brilliant lab-grown diamonds set in 14k white or yellow gold. Each jacket has a ¼-carat top stone and a ½-carat bottom stone, both held in a bezel setting. These lab diamonds offer high-quality luster with a clarity of VS+, a Very Good cut, and a Near Colorless grade. The jackets are easy to use: simply add them to any stud earring, insert the combined stud and jacket through the earlobe, and secure with the earring back. Like all of our lab-grown diamonds, they are grown in our lab in Portland, Oregon, using 100% renewable wind energy, making them a sound gift choice for the environmentally-minded.

Lab-Grown Diamond Cluster Ear Jacket Earrings

What Sets Them Apart: Designed for evening wear but versatile enough for other occasions, these ear jackets have a substantial 3³⁄₁₀-carat total weight of lab-grown diamonds. Each earring jacket features a cluster of round brilliant diamonds, elevating the style of any stud earrings they are paired with. Like the double drop bezel ear jackets, these are also available in 14k white or yellow gold and have a clarity of VS+, a Very Good cut, and a Near Colorless grade. The jackets are adjustable, allowing the wearer to change the height to best fit the size and shape of their ear.

Lab-Grown Loose Diamonds

Lab-grown loose diamonds are exactly what they sound like: diamonds that are grown in a lab and sold without a setting. They're an exciting Christmas gift option for a very specific reason — customization. Whether you're looking to design a ring, a pendant, or any other bespoke piece, a loose lab diamond allows for a level of personal touch that pre-made jewelry just can't match. If you buy early enough, you give your jeweler ample time to craft the custom piece to light up your loved one's holiday season. Or, purchase the stone and gift it as is, allowing your loved one to design their own piece with it. 

Featured Items:

Lab-Grown Loose 2½ Carat Princess Cut Diamond

For those who lean towards modern and edgy designs, the 2½ct. princess cut lab-grown diamond is an ideal choice. Its square shape can be a stunning centerpiece for custom jewelry, while the cut itself maximizes brilliance and luster. The 2½ct size is significant enough to make a statement yet versatile for various types of jewelry. The princess cut is particularly popular for rings, offering a contemporary alternative to traditional designs. 

Lab-Grown Loose 2 Carat Round Brilliant Diamond

Available in classic white as well as signature pink and blue, the 2ct. round brilliant lab-grown diamond offers timeless elegance. Known for its exceptional luster, the round brilliant cut is expertly designed to maximize light return. At 2ct, the stone provides a substantial size that is perfect for a wide range of custom pieces. This traditional shape has long been a favorite for rings and other significant pieces of jewelry, offering both quality and versatility.

Wrapping Up: Christmas Jewelry Gifts

Selecting the ideal Christmas gift becomes an enriching experience with Lightbox Jewelry's lab-grown diamonds. Each piece, be it a versatile loose diamond or an elegantly designed pendant, is crafted to add a distinctive touch to your festive gifting. Our collection invites you to discover an array of designs that align with your loved one's personal style. This holiday season, embrace the contemporary allure of lab-grown diamonds from Lightbox Jewelry, enhancing your celebrations with their refined elegance.

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