Hello, we’re Lightbox.

Our mission is to make the sparkle of a diamond available for more people, more often. We’re constantly innovating our world-leading technology — to make bigger, better, and more accessibly priced lab grown diamond stones.

Who we are Who we are
Who we are

Lightbox Jewelry launched in 2018, and was backed by a $100m investment from De Beers Technologies to bring its patented diamond synthesis technology to consumers – offering them laboratory grown diamonds of an exceptional quality and at an accessible price. Lightbox now operates as an independently managed subsidiary of the De Beers Group.

The Lightbox lab exterior building

The Lightbox lab

In fall 2020 we opened our new lab in Gresham, Oregon. We’re ramping up production at this new facility, and will soon be producing up to 200,000 carats a year, each one always VS clarity, always of a very good cut and now 'grown in the USA'.

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Grown from 100% renewable energy

Our lab produces 200,000 stones a year, each one ‘grown in the USA’ and - most importantly - grown using 100% renewable wind power.

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Lab-grown diamond process, diamond seed, rough stone and polished stone on blue sky

Exceptional quality, accessibly priced.

Many lab-grown diamonds are priced just like natural diamonds, misleadingly suggesting size + quality = rare & expensive. At Lightbox, high quality comes as standard. The price just reflects the carat weight. Our leading technology also means we can create lab-grown diamonds in colors that are extremely rare in nature, like blush pink and soft blue.

But what *is* a lab-grown diamond?

But what *is* a lab-grown diamond?

Not a cubic zirconia. Not moissanite. Not crystal. Both laboratory-grown diamonds and natural diamonds consist of pure carbon in the same crystalline form, meaning that an expert can distinguish between the two with the aid of a high-tech machine, but not with the naked eye.

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Our mark of quality

Our mark of quality

Each of our stones is inscribed with our mark of quality, so you can have total confidence in what you’re buying, every time.

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