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Jewelry Preview

A sneak preview of the Lightbox Jewelry pieces you'll be able to shop a little later in 2018.
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What we do

We're light-years ahead

Sourced exclusively from Element Six, a world leader in their field, our rough lab-grown diamonds are backed by over 30 years of research and development
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Science & Sparkle

What is a laboratory-grown diamond?

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Lightbox Moments

We're for lighter moods and lighter moments

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More moments, more often

We’re for everyone you love in life, not just the love of your life. From your bestie, to your mom, to your bestie who is now a mom.

Lightbox Moments
Lightbox Moments
Lightbox Moments

"Pastel pink, white and baby-blue lab-grown studs and pendants, priced from $200 for a quarter carat to $800 for one carat… presented in candy-colored cardboard gift boxes"

- The New York Times