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Hello. We're Lightbox.

We love science and sparkle.

A lot. Our diamonds are laboratory-grown. In soft shades of pink and blue and white.

We’re light-years ahead.

Sourced exclusively from Element Six, a world leader in the field, our rough lab-grown diamonds are backed by over 30 years of research and development.

We’re shining a light on the lab-grown diamond industry.

We’ll bring clarity to this new concept, as well as beauty. We’ll make the science and the price simple and straightforward.

We’re lighter on your pocket.

Because they’re not inherently rare, they’re priced more accessibly for you.

We’re for lighter moods and lighter moments.

Like birthdays and beach days and just because days.

We’re for lighting up those who light us up.

From your bestie, to your mom, to your bestie who's now a mom.

We are Lightbox.