Lab-grown diamonds grown with 100% renewable wind energy

Lightbox was created to bring the sparkle of a diamond to more people, more often, through our innovative lab-grown technology. But creating something new, like most things, also leaves an impact on the planet. When we launched, we promised to bring transparency to this new industry, and our commitment to reducing the footprint of our stones is a huge part of this.

Carbon-neutral lab-grown diamonds

Lightbox lab-grown diamonds are sustainably created, certified carbon neutral by The Carbon Trust. Using our advanced technology, Lightbox lab-grown diamonds are created in our Portland, Oregon facility using 100% renewable wind power. Because we know provenance is important to you, we can trace every one of our lab-grown diamonds back to its reactor run and batch number.

Lab-grown diamond white halo studs on blue sky

Where is the lab-grown diamond industry today?

To create a lab-grown diamond you have to heat the feedstock gasses in a reactor to around the temperature of the sun, a process that inherently requires energy. But the amount of energy, the source of that energy, and the accountability of its producers can all vary.

We’re passionate about transparency and not ‘greenwashing’ our sustainability claims. This is why you won’t find us labeling our lab as ‘zero-emission’. All manufacturing processes result in emissions. Offsetting your emissions, does not make the production process ‘zero-emission’. We’re transparent about our greenhouse gas emissions, how we strive to reduce them and avoid them by using renewable energy to grow the diamonds (the most energy intensive part of our process), and then purchase offsets to deal with the emissions that are remaining.

What does it take to make a Lightbox Lab-Grown Diamond?

On average in 2022, a polished carat of Lightbox lab-grown diamond produced:

Carbon Footprint

On average, every carat produced 30 kgCO2e of emissions. That’s comparable to producing a pair of Levi’s 501 Jeans


On average, every carat required 228 kWh to grow. That’s comparable to 7 days of electricity consumption of a typical US home.

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    Our commitment to our future sustainability

    We’re committing to reducing our emissions annually. As a next step, we want to look at the environmental impact of our jewelry as well as our stones. We use renewable energy already – but our focus is on reducing the amount of energy overall, because even renewable energy consumption has an environmental impact, and diamond synthesis is energy intensive. We’re proud that our lab-grown diamonds are certified carbon neutral by The Carbon Trust, with a clear plan for our future sustainability and reducing our emissions over the next 10 years. Further information on our carbon neutrality can be found in our Qualifying Explanatory Statement.

    View The Lightbox Qualifying Explanatory Statement

    The future

    This is just the beginning of our sustainability commitment, and we promise to keep being open and honest about our progress, and bring you with us on the journey. Got a question or suggestion? Ask away.

    We’d love to hear your thoughts.