The Lightbox lab The Lightbox lab
The Lightbox lab

Our world leading lab-grown diamond technology now has a new home. Explore the newly opened Lightbox lab, producing 'home grown' stones just outside of Portland, Oregon.

Our new home

In fall 2020 we opened our new lab in Gresham, Oregon. We’re ramping up production at this new facility, and will soon be producing up to 200,000 carats a year, each one always VS clarity, always of a very good cut and now 'grown in the USA'.

Portland, Oregon.

Our new location puts us in great proximity to reliable hydroelectric power, as well as letting us recruit from Portland’s highly skilled workforce and technology-leading talent. It's the perfect place to continue our pioneering role in lab-grown diamond innovation and production.

The Lightbox lab exterior building

The Building

Chicago-based architecture firm Sheehan Nagle Hartray (SNHA) worked to design our industry-leading manufacturing lab, which was conceived as a simple white box, carved away to reveal and recall the faceted structure of a Lightbox lab-grown diamond. The dramatic exterior features fritted glass panels and louver screens, while the modern, monochrome interior includes a precision-designed production floor with mechanical and electrical support spaces, as well as lab spaces, offices and common areas for staff to refresh and relax in.


How do you make a lab-grown diamond?

Lab-grown diamond seeds are loaded into a CVD reactor (CVD stands for Chemical vapor deposition). Then, a mix of gasses containing carbon is added at a very low pressure. Microwaves are added to heat the gases and generate a plasma. When the temperatures climb over several thousand degrees, the gas molecules break apart and carbon atoms bond to the seeds, growing them one layer at a time. Once the stones are big enough (about 2 weeks for one carat) they can then be cut and polished. Want to know more? Click below to read all our lab-grown diamond FAQs.

The Lightbox lab reactors
  • Lab-grown diamond seed being placed with tweezers

    What is a lab-grown diamond seed?

    Every Lightbox stone starts with a tiny piece of diamond, known as a diamond seed, that is used as a starting point for growing our lab-grown diamonds. The seeds act as a template for a lattice of carbon to grow in layers over the course of a few days.

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  • Video showing growth process of the lab-grown diamond seed to rough stone

    Under the microscope

    The seeds are loaded into a CVD reactor where a combination of heat, pressure and a carbon source are added. When the temperatures reach several thousand degrees, the gas molecules break apart and carbon atoms bond to the seeds, growing them layer by layer.

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  • Rough lab-grown diamond stone in the lab

    A lab-grown diamond in the rough

    In our high-tech lab, we can grow a one carat stone in about two weeks! A rough stone that is ready to be cut away to reveal the transparent stone within and polished into our ready to wear lab-grown diamonds.

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