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Some of the finest lab-grown diamonds, at just $800 for 1 carat.



Our diamonds are laboratory-grown. In soft shades of pink and blue and white. They share the same physical, chemical and optical characteristics as natural diamonds, but because they’re not rare, they’re more affordable.

Solitaire Studs in Blue

1 carat total weight in a 10k white gold setting

Regular price $1,000
Princess Pavé Pendant in White

1 carat central stone in a 18k yellow gold plated setting

Regular price $900
Pink Heart Studs

1 carat total weight in a 10k rose gold setting

Regular price $1,000

Carat Size Guide

Our lab-grown diamonds are priced at $800 per carat. In pink or blue or white. For example, a one carat pink solitaire costs $800. A half carat blue costs $400. And a quarter carat white costs - you’ve guessed it - $200.

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1/4 Carat


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1/2 Carat


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3/4 Carat


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1 Carat


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Our stones are made in a lab. By scientists. For you.

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