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Science behind the sparkle

Lab-grown diamonds are diamonds grown in a laboratory.

They are physically and chemically identical to natural diamonds -- they're even just as hard!

But behind that sparkle, there's a lot of real, ground-breaking and patented technology.

Visit the Lab

Lightbox employs 47 Ph.D. scientists, and holds more patents than any other lab-grown diamond maker.

We've mastered the process, so we can grow the highest quality stones every single time.

Dr. Stephanie Liggins

Principal Research Scientist

Brilliant Beginnings

Every batch of lab-grown diamonds starts with small slices of lab-grown diamonds -- like seeds ready to be grown.

Turn up the heat

The seeds are placed in a high-powered chamber called a plasma reactor, which is then filled with a proprietary mix of gases.

Next, microwaves are added to turn up the heat to 4,000 Kelvin.

That's almost as hot a the surface of the sun!

A matter of time

In the lab we use, lab-grown diamonds only take 2 weeks to grow big enough to be turned into jewelry.

The longer they sit, the bigger they get.

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Engineered to sparkle

Once the rough stones are removed from the plasma reactor, our engineers use state-of-the-art software to digitally scan and assess them in order to consistently maximize their sparkle and size.

A cut above

After the rough stones have been scanned, they are precision-cut with high-powered lasers, and polished to shine.

Because our rough stones are consistently high quality from the beginning of their creation, we believe our finishing process is more efficient than anyone else's.

Get Colorful

In nature, colored diamonds are extra rare. But our R&D laboratory has spent thousands of hours perfecting the process of creating them in a reactor.

Our scientists play with time and chemistry to create lab-grown diamonds in endless, perfectly pure colors, starting with soft blue and blush pink.

Inspect to Perfect

Each and every stone is inspected over 70 times in the process.

It's how we make sure that our stones are always the highest quality, and meet our rigorous standards.

Every stone over 0.20 carats that passes our inspection process is inscribed with our branded mark of quality.

It's deep below the surface of the stone, making it invisible to the naked eye, but detectable by a 10x magnifying loupe.

Ready to glow

Through the power of technology, the lab-grown diamonds that have passed inspection and earned a Lightbox inscription are now ready to be set into beautiful Lightbox jewelry.