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Perfect Pairs Perfect Pairs

We've got *BIG* news. We're launching our new 2 carat total weight studs!  And to celebrate our biggest studs yet, some of our favorite human perfect pairs are showing you how it's done.  

Read on for Q&A’s with the co-founders of The Home Edit, Coco & Breezy and Coolhaus, to see how these dazzling duos make it work -- and how they style their Lightbox studs!

The more you know yourself, and your partner, the more successful you will be. Being different isn’t bad, it can actually bring more opportunity.
Throw your ego away. If you are working together, understand that you are working towards the same goal.
Make sure your brand is bigger than your relationship, and your relationship is bigger than your brand. This is to say that if you break up, the company has a life of its own… and if your company can’t make it, it doesn’t necessarily end your personal bond.