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This Mother's Day, we're celebrating the the light stuff. Being a mom, mom-figure or carer can take us through our hardest days, but it also brings out our brightest, laugh-out-loud, "I can't believe you just did that" moments we'll share as anecdotes in the years to come.

Every time anyone asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up I’d reply, “a mom!” Can’t believe I’m now celebrating my second mother’s day with my precious boy! Love getting to laugh with him and celebrate the lighter moments.


Lucie wears our 1/2ct white round brilliant studs.

It’s impossible not to laugh when someone goes to the bathroom in your arms. After Milo eats, we'll start playing around — bouncing and smiling — then all of a sudden, he’ll get very serious. We’ll hear a rumble, we'll CLEARLY know what happened, and then he’ll start giggling at himself. This creature has brought us so many laughs. Wearing my 1/2 carat studs — the most beautiful Mother’s Day stack.
I love getting to see my kids grow into their own people. Bash is a true foodie and also as stubborn as a bull. He screamed the house down when we were out to dinner last week when he deemed one order of shrimp cocktail not enough for his almost one year old self. I was simultaneously dying from laughter and so proud. This Mother’s Day, Lightbox Jewelry wants to celebrate you and the bright moments of motherhood with their lab grown diamonds.