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Jewelry Care Guide

Caring for your Lightbox lab-grown diamond jewelry doesn't have to be complicated. The best care tips are preventative, and these quick reminders will help keep that fresh-out-of-the-box sparkle crystal clear. We’ve got in-depth guides to dive into on how to care for diamond earrings & rings, as well as how to properly care for gold and silver jewelry, but our best at-a-glance tips are these: 


When we talked about the differences between lab-grown and natural diamonds, we touched on the fact that diamonds are the hardest material in the world. In fact, did you know they can scratch metals and other diamonds? To keep this from occurring, store pairs of earrings slightly apart from each other and try to give each piece of jewelry its own dedicated spot in your jewelry box—or return the jewelry to a soft travel pouch or the original Lightbox box it came in.

Make sure jewelry isn’t placed in a high-moisture part of your home, like a bathroom. The damp climate will speed up the unwanted tarnishing process. 

Proper care and storage will also help prevent tangling, so be mindful to fasten clasps on necklaces and bracelets once you take them off.


It's best to avoid wearing your jewelry while exercising, swimming, playing sports, or doing household chores - but if you do keep your jewelry on the whole time (guilty!) then make sure you’re regularly cleaning your jewelry to maintain its shine.


For a deep clean that really hones in on the diamond, fill a small bowl with lukewarm water and a splash of mild dishwasher soap. Allow your lab-grown diamond jewelry to soak in the liquid for 20 minutes, give or take.

Use a soft-bristled toothbrush to lightly scrub around the diamond, paying special attention to the prongs and basket. The toothbrush helps remove dirt and buildup from aerosols, lotions, makeup, and soap. Our tip: If you’re not sure if the toothbrush you have is a soft bristle one, use a baby toothbrush to be sure; rinse and save it for cleaning next time. 

After using the toothbrush, rinse your jewelry and, if necessary, repeat. And trust us when we say this: always, and we mean always, make sure the drain on the sink is plugged before you start cleaning.

Satisfied with the cleaning? Be sure to completely dry your jewelry with a soft polishing cloth or lint-free cloth. If you don’t have the proper cloth, opt to let the jewelry air dry to avoid scratching the metal setting.

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