FAQ: Price Drop

Why are your DEF stones (formerly Finest) now VS+?

We found through our consumer market research and studies, that when choosing a diamond, buyers place more value on stone color and cut. Based on these preferences, we streamlined our lab-grown diamond offering to provide the best adjusted price on our D,E, F stones, while ensuring we provide an excellent value at VS+ quality.

Why did you change your color grades? Why do you not provide stones at a single-color grade?

The customer is at the core of all our decisions, and we see interest across all color grades, including GH and IJ. By offering all three options at various price points, we maintain competitive pricing, deliver the most value, and empower customers to choose the lab-grown diamond that best fits their preferences.

Why does the setting cost vary?

Each style of jewelry uses a different amount of metal for its setting, with the final price for the piece determined by this variable setting cost, plus the price of the stone.  

Does your price drop impact any of your social commitments? 

Lightbox lab-grown diamonds are created in our state-of-the-art laboratory in Gresham, Oregon, using 100% renewable wind energy. We remain committed to a long-term carbon reduction plan that will further cut down emissions across our entire value chain.