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Stacking Ring Guide

Coco Chanel once said, “Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take one thing off.” It seems the fashion influencers of today have strayed away from these words of wisdom however with recent jewelry trends. Instead, they are continuing to dominate our feeds with their perfectly manicured hands stacked high with rings upon rings. Stacking jewelry has become the trend that just keeps on trending as it remains the ultimate way to accessorize. Whether you go bold and stack statement rings or keep things more minimal by layering some finer bands, check out our guide on styling our stackable rings to find your look.


Shape up

Vary the different shapes and styles of the rings in your stack to create contrast and add a slightly more eclectic feel. Our ring styles come in solitaire, princess, trillion, baguette and cushion cuts which are set into modern settings, blending timeless designs with contemporary style. When styling on shoots we love to mix things up, stacking our different stone cuts to create playful new looks every time. Here we style our Baguette Linear ring and Trillion Open Top ring together for a more understated look, mixing different cut and band shapes. 



Color match

Probably one of the simplest ways to build a stack is to start with color. You don’t have to be a fashion stylist to put together a look and you’ll also be nailing that oh-so-trendy monochromatic trend. By sticking to just one color makes it easy to style. Coordinating color whilst changing up shapes and styles creates a varied yet cohesive stack that looks like you put way more thought in than you actually did. Get the look with our pink rings collection and start building your stack, or switch things up with an all blue rings moment. 



Spaced out

Another great way to style a ring stack is to space things out, stacking up the fingers can be a stylish way to pull off this look. To leave space in your stack between rings we suggest trying a size down from your usual ring size as this allows you to vary positioning on the finger. Our open top rings are also a great alternative to leave some space when styling as they don’t complete a full band.



Stack em’ high

Who said less is more! When it comes to ring stacking we believe you should channel your inner Phoebe Buffay and stack as many as you want. Varying shape, styles and stones to create a creative and playful layered look which shows off your well-curated ring collection. When it comes to a more-is-more approach you can mix things up combining all the style rules. There are endless ways to style our rings meaning you can curate your perfect stack, unique to you.




As styled by you 💖📸 |  @lightboxjewelry


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