Introducing Lightbox Finest™

At Lightbox, we make some of the finest laboratory-grown diamonds you can find.

We call them Lightbox Finest™.

Woman wearing Lightbox Finest 1ct white round brilliant pendant and 1cttw round brilliant earrings

Lightbox Finest™ collection

Elevate your every day in Lightbox Finest™ studs and pendants. Set in solid 18k gold, each exceptional stone is the epitome of high impact from high quality.

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To create a Lightbox Finest™ stone, we start with an already great stone -- our classic Lightbox lab-grown diamond.

Our new Lightbox Finest™ technology then fuses our leading patented CVD growth method with a secondary refinement. Unique to Lightbox in its blend of technologies, each stone is once more subjected to extreme heat and pressure in our lab until it emerges VVS clarity, and Colorless D,E,F - the highest color grades a stone can be.

Lightbox Finest™ quality



Each stone is grown with our leading patented CVD growth method and a secondary refinement until it emerges VVS clarity.

Colorless D,E,F

Colorless D,E,F

The highest color grade a stone can be.



Each stone is cut for exceptional brilliance, to the highest industry cut standard of ‘Excellent’.

Shine refined

This same integrated process applied to our color stones refines the saturation and consistency of our sparkling signature pink and blue hues. Each stone is then cut for exceptional brilliance, to the highest industry cut standard of ‘Excellent’. Your Lightbox Finest™ solitaire is then meticulously hand-set into its 18k gold setting.

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