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May Cause Happiness: Kaki Gaines

We believe in small moments that have a big impact: May Cause Happiness is our new series highlighting inspiring women and their joy-inducing rituals...in other words, things they do regularly, simply because it makes them happy!

Featured first is Austin stylist Kaki Gainesan Austin-based blogger and personal stylist whose inspiring career runs the gamut from being a one-stop wardrobe consultant for women around the country to advising on how to make photoshoots pop through color and texture. As a freelancer who works from home, it’s easy to imagine that Kaki’s divide between work and relaxation is slippery...so for our visit to her charming, perfectly-styled space we focused on the rituals she invokes (and loves) for starting mornings on her own terms.

Kaki Gaines

Where did you grow up? What are your best memories of childhood?

I grew up in San Antonio, Texas. Some of my best childhood memories include creating outfits in both my mom and grandmother’s closets — I must have known at a young age that styling was a passion of mine.

Kaki Gaines

What’s a moment in your personal life that helped define the woman you are today?

Deciding to leave my job and go out on my own as a freelance stylist was a huge transition in my life. This transition allowed me to spend time honing in on what I am best at and definitely shaped who I have become today.

Kaki Gaines

What rituals or daily practices do you have that are just for you/your own wellbeing and happiness?

I am a big Pilates enthusiast so I try take a class as often as I can each morning. I also practice meditation and prayer, both helping me to stay centered in wisdom. I also regularly journal, and accompany this time with a special matcha that I make with my blender!  

What value does daily journaling hold for you? And what is your journaling “process” like?

I try to carve out time each morning to meditate. I then journal thoughts that have come to mind in the meditation: Things I am thankful for, goals I am working towards, and then writing to release any worries. Focusing on these specific things daily in my journal provides some structure and allows me to start off my day with positive thinking.

Kaki Gaines

Can you share your special matcha recipe with us?

Combine in a blender:

1 cup of Califa vanilla coconut milk

1/2 cup of boiled water

1 tablespoon of MCT oil

1 tablespoon grass fed butter

1 teaspoon Matcha Powder

2 tablespoons of Vital Proteins collagen peptides

4 drops of Vanilla (optional)

Blend until creamy and frothy, and enjoy!

Kaki Gaines

Kaki Gaines

We noticed a lot of inspiration materials — pin boards, books, magazines — on display in your space. How do these serve your creative fuel and process?

Inspiration is very important to me in my career as a stylist. I love diving into Pinterest, Tumblr, runway shows, and blogs, for images that spark new and interesting styling ideas…but I am super visual, so the act of printing my favorites and displaying them on a board by my desk is so impactful. I like keeping visuals in the forefront, and I try to update them seasonally to keep things fresh.

What is your idea of perfect happiness?

A cozy night in with wine and my best friends.

Kaki Gaines

What are three of your staples for personal wellness/wellbeing?

Quality sleep, clean food, and regular exercise are three staples for my personal wellbeing. I truly believe sleep is the foundation to health, food is medicine, and exercise keeps me feeling energized and detoxed.  

My current mantra is...

Recently I have been focusing on the simple concept of trusting. I definitely have a tendency to overthink and over-plan in place of simply practicing living by faith.

Kaki Gaines

Something that’s recently inspiring me / bringing me joy...

I am currently int the midst of a website overhaul, so I have been spending a good amount of time researching branding and content inspiration. This process in general has brought an influx of creativity and a fresh perspective on my work.

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