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Simple & straightforward

Our Pricing, Explained

Setting price structure

How it works

Diamond illustration

The Stone

Our lab-grown diamonds are priced at 800 USD per carat. In pink or blue or white. For example, a one carat pink solitaire costs 800 USD. A half carat blue costs 400 USD. And a quarter carat white costs - you’ve guessed it - 200 USD.

Stud earrings illustration

The Setting

Each setting falls into four price categories depending on the type of precious metal, and the amount of it used in the piece. From 100 USD for sterling silver, up to 400 USD for our most complex designs in 10k gold.

Dollar sign illustration

The Price

The math is simple. We add the price of the total carat of the stones used, based purely on size, to the setting price, based purely on precious metal, silver or gold. So, as an example, any half-carat pendant in silver that catches your eye will always be 500 USD. In pink or blue or white.