A guide to our metals

An introduction to precious metals and your guide to the metals Lightbox uses in our lab-grown diamond jewelry.


Yellow gold is achieved by mixing pure gold with silver and copper. It’s appealing not only because it’s a hypoallergenic metal, but it’s also a low-maintenance option that doesn’t require consistent upkeep. Lightbox uses 10 and 14-karat yellow gold in our jewelry. It’s a durable alloy and the subtle yellow tone is a perfect complement to our go-with-everything designs.

Pros: Hypoallergenic, low-maintenance option, on-trend classic.

White gold

White gold is a classic, luminous metal that appears bright next to warmer settings like yellow gold and rose gold, which is why it’s a common base for statement jewelry. Typically, white gold is alloyed with 75 percent gold and 25 percent zinc and nickel. This blend is what gives white gold its steely, white color. Lightbox white gold is plated with a top layer of hard-wearing rhodium.

Pros: Versatile metal, suitable for everyday.

Rose gold

The signature rich, warm color of modern rose gold is actually achieved when copper is mixed with pure gold. Like 10-karat yellow gold, rose gold is strong, and because the cost of copper is more attainable, it is an affordable metal choice. Our rose gold designs feature 10-karat pure gold at their base, to create a universally flattering champagne rose color that’s perfectly balanced, with beautiful gold undertones.

Pros: Durable, affordable metal, trendy option with a unique vintage flair.

Sterling silver

Sterling Silver jewelry is an essential part of any woman’s wardrobe. Silver is distinguished as one of the three noble metals, because it is exceptionally resistant to erosion and oxidation. Sterling Silver is an alloy of pure silver containing 92.5 percent silver and 7.5 percent a mix of other metals, usually mostly copper. Whilst the majority of Lightbox's lab-grown diamond jewelry is set in gold, we have a few styles that use sterling silver, like our adorable minis collection.

Pros: Durability, low-maintenance, everyday essential.

  • Our environmental commitment

    At Lightbox we are big on transparency and our commitment to reducing the footprint of our stones is a huge part of this. See more on how we grow our stones with 100% renewable energy.

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    Explore the Lightbox Lab in Portland, Oregon, home to our world-leading technology producing up to 200,000 carats a year, each one always VS clarity, very good cut and now 'grown in the USA'.

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