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WFH done well!

WFH done well!

Meet Jenna! As our Logistics Specialist and a natural-born planner, Jenna was always going to be our go-to for guidance on how to run a tight ship, even when WFH. Read on for Jenna's tips on staying sane while staying home.



I’ve tried to keep my routine up as much as possible, so for me, that means setting an alarm for 7am (a sleep in from my usual 6am) for yoga.  My studio is now live-streaming classes so I’ll do one of those or alternatively I’ll do a workout or two from an app I’m loving at the moment, JSHEALTH, which has really punchy 20 min workouts (this app also has really easy and delicious healthy recipes which I’ve been enjoying cooking as well).

Next I shower and dress for work – I get slightly dressed up for work, including jewelry, as I find it mentally sets me up for my workday.  After that, I’m ready for my morning ‘commute’.  I go for a 15-20 min walk around the garden of my apartment complex and listen to a podcast, as I would usually do if I were commuting into the office. Once I’m back inside I have breakfast and am at my desk for 9am. I’ve found this routine has helped SO much with setting myself up for a productive day.



I’m lucky enough to live with my sister who is a great office buddy, so we’re able to chat through the day.  We made the wise choice to invest in a coffee machine a few months ago, which has been an absolute godsend, I don’t know what I would do without it.  We also make ourselves a healthy lunch halfway through the day and eat it away from our desks (aka our dining room table!) – and if the weather is nice out, we'll take our lunch and enjoy it in the garden.



I like to video call where possible, as it’s so nice to chat face to face.  Last week, our team even had a few after work wines; I was surprised by how much I enjoyed connecting with my colleagues this way.

After I’ve logged off for the day, I go for my evening ‘commute’ – for now, this means a short walk around my suburb. My sister and I cook dinner together and watch an episode of the latest TV series we’re watching to wind down each evening.

Perhaps the most important part of our routine is that our ‘office’ is only open during the week.  On Friday nights, we ‘close’ our office for the weekend by putting our monitors, laptops and notebooks away in another room, which creates a clear distinction that the work week is over. Then it’s time to celebrate the weekend!