Lightbox Q&A | Sharon Anderson

We asked artist and stylist Sharon Anderson to do a series of portraits of women adorned with Lightbox Jewelry. The result is an extraordinarily beautiful collection of diverse women sparkling in our jewels. We asked Anderson about her background and inspiration here. 

What are you currently working on?
I always have a portrait project underway; either a personal commission or something commercial. At times I take a portrait break and work on my tapestry series of patchwork canvases that incorporate needlepoint (I’m just learning), painting, and collage.

When did you become an artist?
I have always been an artist; I think we are all artists. I really can’t remember not drawing; my grandfather was a folk artist and he taught me an appreciation for art. 

What was the inspiration behind this series?
I’m inspired by the range of beauty in the world. I love to look at all kinds of faces.

Do you have a favorite project or medium that work you could tell us about?
I have just recently begun using watercolors, and watching what they can do is so much fun.

Which piece of Lightbox Jewelry would you like to wear the most?
I love to mix and match single earrings, so definitely the pavé chevron earring in white-- delicate and sparkly!