Lightbox Favorite Things | Sarah Scott

Actress Sarah Scott takes us through the mementos and memories that make her life sparkle. 

Here at Lightbox, we’re all about celebrating the little things that give life some sparkle. From keepsakes to travel trinkets, signature perfumes to that just-right shade of lipstick; we’re magpies for anything that lights us up and brings some joy (just like our jewelry). Each post, a member of our Lightbox community shares what makes it into their own ‘favorite things’ list.  

Sarah Scott Lightbox Favorite Things - Photo of Sarah Scott

Actress Sarah Scott is in love with her 10 month-old daughter Simone’s Minnetonka moccasins. “They are the only shoes she has that fit, stay on, and go with almost everything.” Well-worn crib shoes nearly embody all that Scott (Soaked in Bleach and the upcoming Desperate Waters) treasures and keeps: Her Echo Park home is carefully decorated with items from her travels, her family, and her work. Like most, she collects both what is sentimental and practical, but she also can’t resist a Moroccan box, a Chinese vase, or a porcelain hippo that tell a story—and hold a bit of magic. 

Sarah Scott Lightbox Favorite Things - Photo of mini moccasins

Favorite Souvenir 

“I was with my sister Jasmine, my best friend Kara, and some other college girlfriends backpacking across Europe. We were roughing it—I mean on a really small budget—and Kara’s Italian father met us in in Venice and booked us rooms at the Gritti Palace. I mean, it was the most extraordinary over-the-top hotel for a bunch of girls who looked like vagabonds. He then took us on a shopping trip that was so memorable. He let us each pick out one thing we wanted, and then we had a drink after to celebrate. I got a pair of purple ostrich skin Prada heels, which, looking back, was a ridiculous choice for a girl who’d been sleeping in hostels for weeks.”


Sarah Scott Lightbox Favorite Things -  photos from the Gritti Palace Instagram account

Favorite Fine Jewelry

“My mother-in-law gave me diamond flower earrings on Thanksgiving in Hawaii. Whenever I wear them, I think of how great that trip was, and how they were special because thirty years before, my father-in-law had given them to her. I felt like it was her way of welcoming me into the family.”

Lightbox Favorite Things - Sarah Scott - Polaroid of Family

 “I’ve been on this bender of ‘tchotchkes, get them out!’ but I keep finding things that are important to me. I just love to fill my home with things that speak to me. There’s this little jade Buddha I bought with my mom in San Francisco that’s been with me everywhere. I even had it in my bag when I was robbed in Colombia. All my money and belongings were stolen, except this Buddha and my passport.”

Lightbox Favorite Things - Sarah Scott - Shelves of keepsakes

“There’s this ring that my mother had made for me when I graduated high school. It was sapphire, diamond, and white gold. I wore it all through college and it’s probably the nicest jewelry my mom’s ever given me, but I lost it somehow. I’ve looked everywhere, I swear. And once I was promised the entire wardrobe from a shoot, which were really cute resort clothes. But the wardrobe was on a boat that blew up—literally, it caught on fire and sunk—and now the clothes are somewhere at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean!” 

Sarah's Favorite Things