Spa Day, Every Day

A few easy beauty hacks that require minimal time and money, but take getting ready to a luxury-level.

At Lightbox, we’re big fans of adding a little sparkle wherever we can, so a good beauty hack or make-up DIY is a sure-fire way to get us glowing.  Each post, a beauty insider and Lightbox lover will share the tips and tricks that keep them shining on. 

Audrey Hepburn once said, “Happy girls are the prettiest.” And the happiest of girls knows how to streamline her beauty routine. Your mother may have reminded you to moisturize, but that was before the dawn of serums, sheet masks, and essential oil infusions. Before long, it can begin to feel as though your beauty routine is a spa session without the spa atmosphere.

Luckily, there a few easy beauty hacks that require minimal time and money, which can take getting ready to a luxury-level. And that should make any girl feel happy.

Milk Your Bath

Cleopatra was famous for her milk baths. And she was on to something—scientists have proven that the lactic acid in milk is an amazing skin rejuvenator. For baby soft skin, you can add milk to your bath too (no, really), a few drops of essential oils, an even a sachet of oatmeal (yes, the kind you eat for breakfast). If don’t want to take a bath in actual milk, there are ready-to-go formulas that will turn your nightly wind-down into all-out bliss session.

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Give Your Lotion or Body Oil a Warm Bath

You know that amazing rubdown feeling at the end of a massage? Warm oils are not only relaxing—when heated and applied, they have been proven to enhance circulation, balance hormone levels, and calm nerve pain. You can get the same application effect at home: Simply heat a glass bowl of water for a couple of minutes, then submerge your favorite lotion or body oil. Apply post-shower or bath, and you’ll never go back to applying straight from the tube on the bathroom counter.

Warm your body oil prior to using for a Spa-like feeling at home

Exfoliate With Your Pantry

A great scrub helps with cell turnover and allows your skin to absorb all the benefits of your serums and moisturizers. There are amazing formulas out there but you can just as easily make your own. Just follow the 1-2-3 rule—1 cup salt, 2 cups sugar, 3 cups olive or coconut oil—and add a few drops of your favorite essential oil.

Susan Kaufman Scrub

Netflix and Chill (Your Sheet Masks)

This may seem obvious after you try it, but refrigerating your sheet or gel masks in the fridge until you’re ready to use them might be the most ingenious tip there is.